Property Description
Level Represents the Guardian's overall growth.
Experience When EXP reaches certain milestones, the Guardian's level rises.
Rarity Represents the Guardian's basic power. The rarer a Guardian is, the more it tends to have advanced capabilities.
Attribute Every Guardian is associated with a certain attribute, such as fire, water or thunder, and each attribute has its own affinities.
Type A Guardian's basic personality. Two Guardians of the same variety but different personality types will have slightly different capabilities.
HP A Guardian's vitality. HP is reduced when a Guardian suffers damage in battle. If HP reaches zero, the battle is lost. If the HP of all Guardians in the party reaches zero, the party is defeated.
MP A Guardian's magic power. MP goes down when abilities are used during battle.
Attack (ATK) Affects the power of strike attacks.
Defense (DEF) Affects the mitigation of damage from strike attacks.
Agility (AGI) Affects the ability to attack first during battle.
Wisdom (WIS) Affects the effectiveness of abilities and defense against ability attacks.
Abilities Special skills a Guardian can perform. New abilities are learned when the Guardian's level goes up, or when skill magic stones are used. There are two kinds of abilities: attack and support. Using abilities during a battle consumes MP, but can have quite an advantageous effect on the outcome.